Friday, July 21, 2023

Ireland: Government Demands Farmers Kill 200,000 Cattle For "Climate Change"

By Tim Gamble 

Here we they go again. This time it is Ireland that is telling its farmers to kill hundreds of thousands of cattle to meet insane "climate change" goals. They have being talking about this for some time, with initial estimates that Ireland may have to kill up to 1.3 million cattle by 2030 to meet climate change goals imposed on it by the EU. This sparked outrage from farmers and many in the public, and it now looks like the government is demanding only 200,000 dead cows over the next three years (more could be demanded later, of course). 

But this article isn't really about Irish cows. The real purpose if this article is to remind everyone of the already fragile agricultural system, and the additional pressures being intentional applied to it by the Elites, using climate hysteria and wokeism as their excuse. This is at least part of the reason for the extremely high (20%+) food inflation over the last few years, and the gaps still remaining on grocery stores shelves over three years after the lockdown madness

At some point the system is going to shatter completely, resulting in actual food scarcity and famine in Western nations, including here in the USA. I do firmly believe this is intentional, and is part of their population reduction plans. The question is, What are you doing to prepare? Stockpiling food is a start, but it will only go so far. What then for you and your family? You need to figure that out, now. 

A few articles of interest to help you prepare: 

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