Sunday, July 16, 2023

15 Quick Tips for Mental Health

By Tim Gamble 

1)  Mental health is very important in a crisis. The ability to not panic, stay focused and think clearly is crucial.

2)  Mental attitude plays an enormous role in overcoming adversity, so developing a good mental attitude now is a major part of prepping.

3)  Developing a healthy spirituality is key to good mental health. I recommend daily prayer and Scripture reading.

4)  My relationship with God gives me comfort, encouragement, strength, and purpose during times of stress. It helps keep me focused on important priorities in my life. 

5)  Deal now with any addictions you may have - drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, TV, pornography, etc. - before any crisis. (Need help? See the article Getting Help!)

6)  Build positive relationships with your spouse, family, friends, neighbors... In some cases this may mean putting aside ego and forgiving past problems. "Be the bigger man" as the saying goes.

7)  Be a part of your community. Join a local church or synagogue. Meet your neighbors. Participate. Volunteer.

8)  Relax. Laugh. Enjoy life. Don’t dwell on the negatives. Be hopeful.

9)  Don't be afraid of "weeding out" toxic people from your life. Try to help those if you can, but remember you cannot help those who don't really want to be helped.

10)  Reduce stress by taking up a fun hobby or two unrelated to politics, prepping and survivalism.

Personal Note:  My non-prepping interests include studying history, fishing, hiking & trail running, crossword & logic puzzles, and Asian food, music, & culture... 

11)  Physical health has a huge impact on mental and emotional health. Work on all aspects of your health and fitness.

12)  Get enough sleep (for adults, that is at least 7 hours a night on a consistent basis). Lack of sleep wrecks havoc on our mental and physical health.

Note:  Sleep is often overlooked in regards to our physical and mental health. Being constantly sleep deprived is really bad, yet our 24/7 modern culture pushes people to brag about how little sleep they can "get by on." Getting by is NOT optimal for physical or mental health. 

13)  "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7)  We are our thoughts, so be mindful what you think.

14)  Get out of debt. Stress over debt is distracting, damages personal relationships (financial problems are #1 cause of divorce), limits your options, raises blood pressure and stress hormone levels (which in turn raises blood sugar), and is otherwise very harmful to your physical and mental health. 

15)  Panicking? Having an anxiety attack? Try the Navy SEAL Box Breathing technique (link to short article). 

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