Tuesday, July 4, 2023

July 4th - America's Birthday

By Tim Gamble 

Today is going to be a "Two-Fer" day, so be on the lookout for a second article later today. Teaser: a surprising idea on how to start finding folks to build community with...

I hope everyone is having a Happy and Safe July 4th holiday. Remember, beer and fireworks don't mix well! 🤣😰😨😵

Here is some reading you might be interested in this Fourth of July:

1) Celebrating Independence Day? - My article posted today on my Resistance website. I celebrate July 4th a differently than most folks...

2) The Declaration of Independence - Read America's Birth Certificate for yourself (long-form - no short-form funny business like they do in Hawaii)

3) The Bill of Rights - Worth remembering! 

4) The Second Amendment as an Expression of First Principles - Deep dive into the 2nd Amendment by Edward J. Erler 

5) The Right To Keep And Bear Arms - A brief history behind the 2nd Amendment, courtesy of The American Patriots' Bible.  

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AD:  Resistance Operating Concept (ROC), by Otto C. Fiala and the Joint Special Operations University Press, teaches "developing a nationally authorized, organized resistance capability prior to an invasion and full or partial occupation resulting in a loss of territory and sovereignty." Although specifically written to address a foreign invasion, the ideas and concepts it presents could certainly be used by the people to resist an oppressive or tyrannical government. (This is the book T.J. of Bear Independent has often recommended.) 

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