Friday, June 30, 2023

"An age of censorship and cancel culture."

By Tim Gamble 

We are in an age of censorship and cancel culture. I was "canceled" during and immediately after the 2020 election, so I know it can happen again. Please help fight future censorship by subscribing to Dystopian Survival by email (click this link) if you haven't already, and by bookmarking this website on your favorite browsers. 

I know what your thinking. Why would a preparedness website be censored? As strange as it sounds, back in the lead-up to the 2020 election, Big Tech and cancel culture went after Dystopian Survival first, then moved on to my news and politics accounts. 

That's right, cancel culture permanently locked me out of my Dystopian Survival Twitter account first, before any others. Next to be cancelled was my Dystopian Survival Facebook page, small and fairly new, which was deleted by Facebook. And I wasn't talking politics or news on either account! 

Shortly thereafter, they heavily restricted, and in some cases deleted, my other accounts and even deleted my email list (I'm with a new pro-Free Speech company now). But they came after my preparedness accounts first, something I still don't understand why. 

It is sad, as we go into the Independence Day weekend, that censorship, cancel culture, and the Left's hatred of Free Speech, is such a force in modern America. But it is.  

Have a Happy Independence Day weekend, anyway. Stay Safe!

Tim Gamble

*** You can once again find Tim Gamble on social media! Follow at Gab (@TimGamble), Twitter (@TimGambleSpeaks), and TruthSocial (@TimGambleSpeaks)

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