Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Check Your Water Storage

By Tim Gamble 

Here is a quick project you can do:  Check and change your water storage if you haven't done so recently. Also, check to make sure your water storage containers don't have any slow leaks. I had trouble with this in the past, as ALL of my Ozark Trail 6-gallon water jugs eventually developed slow leaks, damaging my floor before I realized it was happening

Do you need more water storage? I use the 7-gallon Aqua-Tainers by Reliance (available on Amazon) for much of my water storage, and have never had a problem with them (no leaks). I also use 1-gallon glass wine bottles that I've been saving for years (I have about 65 or so). I also use empty 1-gallon hard-plastic vinegar bottles that I store outside for my non-potable water (flushing toilets, watering plants). You may also consider getting a 100-gallon Bathtub WaterBOB (available on Amazon) - I have one. 

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