Friday, June 23, 2023

Taking the Prepper, Survivalist, and Homesteading Community To The Woodshed...

...well, some of those folks, anyway. 

By Tim Gamble

Over the last couple of years, I've noticed a lot of prepper, survival, and homesteading video channels resorting to click-bait headlines, misleading headlines, over-the-top fear mongering, fake controversies, and even out-right lies, in order to boost their channel views. Disgusting behavior from folks who should know better. And its getting worse. 

Maybe if you have to resort to such tactics, you don't deserve to have a video channel? Maybe the material you put out isn't good enough to draw views on its own merit? Maybe if your ego, or greed, is the driving force of why you have a video channel in the first place, you have the wrong motivations?

Whatever the reason, I've had it with those folks. In the past several months I have unfollowed many, including some I otherwise like. I have even completely blocked many of them. There is an app for that, and it works great. Their videos no longer appear in my recommended videos or YouTube searches. The app is called "Channel Blocker" and is available for free in the Chrome and Brave browsers, and probably others, too. Search the Extension or Add-On store for your browser to find it. 

For me, the breaking point was several months ago with a particular homesteading channel that I enjoyed. I noticed they had been using click-bait headlines more and more frequently. Then came a video with the headline declaing a dangerous secret about chickens that "THEY" don't want you to know. I watched the video. I watched it twice. No secret. In fact, no mention of chickens or eggs whatsoever. The headline was 100% false - 100% a lie. I immediately unsubscribed and went looking for a way to block channels. I did block that channel, and eventually many others.

Of course, not every negative headline is wrong or inappropriate. Not every headline can be happy in tone. We, out of necessity, often talk about bad news and scary topics. That is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about false headlines, out-right fear mongering, and obvious lies, especially when done repeatedly. 

We need to restore sanity to our community. I urge folks to simply unsubscribe to anyone using those tactics. Quit falling for their manipulation. Quit supporting their lies. Unsubscribe. 

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