Monday, June 26, 2023

Are We Already Living In Dystopia?

My fellow Dystopians, 

I recently wrote a Resistance article on my other website ( that I thought I would also share here. The article discuses the question Are We Already Living In Dystopia?. You can decide for yourself, but my answer is yes, we are at least living in the early stages of dystopia. To understand a bit more of how we got here, and what the Elite's have planned, check out my 2022 article Technocracy, The Power Elite, and the Transformation of Human Civilization.

Stay Safe,

Tim Gamble


Resistance 28

By Tim Gamble
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Dystopian dis-ˈtō-pē-ən adj.1) of, relating to, or being a world or society in which most people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives; 2) a world of high technology, marked by authoritarian government and powerful corporations, with a huge divide between a privileged elite, and a disempowered underclass they rule over.
In science fiction, a dystopian world is typically presented as one in which a small class of elites use a combination of authoritarian government, powerful & wealthy corporations, and highly advanced technology, to rule over the common people. The world the elite create for themselves is one of extreme wealth, power, and privilege. It is created at the expense of a much larger underclass, who have slowly lost their personal liberties, economic freedoms, and privacy rights. A deep network of unelected bureaucrats and corrupt politicians, often financed and aided by the deep pockets of the corporate elite, work diligently to entrench this new order into the regulations, laws and treaties governing their world.

But, wait... Did I say "In science fiction?" Yes, but this also sounds exactly like the world we are currently living in. Science fiction has become reality.

However, it is a reality we are not allowed to talk about. Say the wrong things, express the wrong opinions, and you become a target. It is not just the social justice warriors and the mob mentality of cancel culture. It is the bias of corporate mainstream media. It is Big Tech kicking folks off social media and shutting down websites. It is corporate bullies like Blackrock, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America using their power to force other companies to pursue their woke social and political agendas. It is the weaponization of the FBI, the IRS, the DOJ and other government institutions to punish anyone who stands in the way of the elite's technocratic agenda. It is the power of political correctness to instill fear in ordinary folks of accidently offending certain groups.

They cannot (yet) take away our Constitutionally-protected Right to Free Speech. But they have learned how to suppress it.

Control Language, Control Thought. 

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