Sunday, June 11, 2023

Buy firearms now for your children and grandchildren, before it is too late.

By Tim Gamble

I am sure you have heard by now that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has called for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to restrict the 2nd Amendment and install restrictions including an absolute ban on so-called "assault rifles," universal gun registration, raising the age requirement to 21, and mandatory extended waiting periods. And you can bet your bottom dollar it will do much more than that. 

First, the good news. This amendment won't be ratified anytime soon. It takes time - years -to propose and ratify an amendment. It is very difficult to change the Constitution, but it can be done. 

Now, the bad news. What this shows is that the gun-grabbers are never giving up. And with two Conservative Supreme Court Justices (Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito) in their 70s, the Court could flip very liberal within the next couple of years with Democrats controlling both the White House (nominates) and Senate (approves). Another stolen election in 2024 would practically guarantee the Supreme Court flipping liberal. 

My conclusion: At some point, we are likely to lose our 2nd Amendment protections. Not this year, but probably within the next decade, or sooner. 

My suggestion: Buy firearms now for your children and grandchildren. I assume you already have the firearms you want (if not, put that on your "to do" list as well).

Christmas and Birthday Gifts

When I was a kid, my grandfather gave me my first shotgun, a .410, for Christmas. A couple of years later, he gave me my first rifle, a .22, as a birthday gift. I have many fond memories of going hunting as a kid with both of my grandfathers.  

If you are thinking of doing something similar for your children or grandchildren, go ahead and do so now while you still can. The Elites haven't given up on gun control, and are getting sneakier by the day in how they are trying to get our guns. 

Even if your kids or grand kids are too young, go ahead and buy the guns now, so that you can give the guns to them when they are old enough. Of course, obey all guns laws, and make sure you instruct them in gun safety!  Check with the NRA and your local gun stores for age-appropriate firearm safety courses.

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