Thursday, June 1, 2023

Quick Ideas on Home, Vehicle, and Personal Security

By Tim Gamble

Take commonsense precautions to secure your home and vehicle. Find ways to harden your home and vehicle. Keep all home doors
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and windows locked. This includes keeping any screen doors / storm doors locked in addition to your main door. This will slow bad guys down, and make them more noisy, giving you time to react. Make use of steering wheel bars and door alarms. Have working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Install a steel security door in place of your regular wooden door. Keep your vehicle doors locked at all times, even if you "just running in for a minute." Keep packages and valuable items covered-up or otherwise hidden in your vehicle, so prying eyes won't see them. Consider a security system or a doorbell with camera and monitor. Consider owning a handgun or home defense shotgun (legally and safely, of course, and get well-trained!). Dogs, even small yip-yip dogs, will make noise alerting you to trespassers, and might even scare off the intruders.  Consider thickly planting rose bushes or other thorny plants in front of windows to make breaking in by a window very uncomfortable. Have plenty of outdoor lighting, perhaps even on motion sensors.  The Shooter's Bible Guide to Home Defense may provide more information.     

Be smart when out in public. Practice situational awareness. Pay attention to your surroundings. Be wary of people who look out-of-place, are loitering, seem to be paying close attention to you, or who act nervous. Shop in groups. Let people know where you are going and when to expect you back. Keep your phone fully charged. Use well-light and highly visible parking spaces. Before getting out of a car or walking out of a building, look out a window first to identify possible dangers. Don't get so involved with your smart phone that you ignore your surroundings. Anyone in your family or group that carries a firearm should take a defensive shooting course. All people in your family or group should take a non-lethal self defense course (yes, even children - there are age-appropriate courses). . Always be alert.

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