Monday, May 29, 2023

Some Thoughts on a Bug-Out Vehicle

By Tim Gamble

A Bug-Out Vehicle should be an important part of most bug-out plans (article: The Bug-Out Plan). But most folks, me included, cannot afford to have an extra vehicle dedicated to just bugging-out. Instead, one of our regular, everyday use vehicles will have to do double duty as our escape vehicle when the time comes to bug-out.  Here are my thoughts: 

Maintain your vehicle in excellent condition, should you ever need it to bug-out. Keep your oil, oil filter, and other fluids changed on a regular basis. Service your transmission according to the recommendations for your vehicle. Make sure your brakes and tires, including spares, are in good shape. Check your headlights and other lights regularly. Quickly make any necessary repairs to your vehicle. (Many folks are reluctant to spend money on routine auto maintenance, but maintaining your vehicle will actually save you money in the long run with less frequent, and less costly, major repairs.) 

Make sure you have a spare tire, jack, lug wrench, and extender bar in your vehicle before you need to change a flat tire. You do know how to change a flat tire, right? Remember, roadside service will NOT be available during "bug-out conditions." 

Keep your vehicle's gas tank topped off. I try to always top mine off before it reaches the half-tank mark. If possible to safely do so, keep at least one 5-gallon can of gas at home for emergencies (DON'T keep a filled gas can in your vehicle). If you can't store the gas safely (apartment-dwellers?), keep an empty can on-hand in case you need it. 

Make sure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle, including items such as some food and water, first aid kit, flashlight, extra batteries, extra oil, and jumper cables or battery starter. For winter, include extra gloves and head/neck coverings. A warm blanket is also a good idea.

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