Sunday, May 7, 2023

Doing Stuff

By Tim Gamble
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It has been a really busy day for me on my homestead. I hope it has been for you, too. I am moving full steam ahead getting ready for whatever chaos is coming.

Today was spent mainly doing stuff to get the garden ready, ahead of the rain they are forecasting for us later today through Wednesday. I planted a lot of pepper plants, including Bell peppers and Banana peppers, both hot and sweet varieties. I also prepped the area where I will plant cantaloupes and watermelons, probably the end of this week after the rain stops. 

I am already harvesting some of my early crops (lettuce, greens, and several herbs), and have several varieties of beans, tomatoes, onions, squash, cucumbers, and zucchini growing. 

I also finished several smaller projects around my home and property. And I found time to do some dedicated PT (physical training), as it is very important to me to meet certain health and fitness goals sooner rather than later. It has been a good, and tiring, day. 

Get busy getting prepared for whatever chaos the future will bring! 

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