Thursday, May 18, 2023

What To Do BEFORE Losing Your Job

By Tim Gamble
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We are going into a recession. Be it mild or deep, it doesn't matter - there will be lay-offs. In fact, the first round is already happening. Here's what to do BEFORE receiving your down-size notice:
  1. Realize that unless you own the company, you are not indispensable to it. No matter how great you think you are at your job, no matter how much you think your boss loves you, you can lose your job to downsizing during a recession. No one is immune. You need to do these next four steps, now.
  2. Prepare financially to the extent you can. This means getting on a strict budget now, reducing expenses now, paying off debt, and building savings (see my article Financial Preparedness: Back to the Basics for more ideas and tips). Building up an extra supply of food and other needed items could also come in handy.
  3. Get ready to look for a new job now, don't wait until you are fired. Update your resume today. Make sure you have updated contact info for all your references. Start networking. Make some phone calls to your friends and contacts to see if their companies or industries are hiring. Be discrete - some companies frown on their employees job hunting, but what they don't know won't hurt them.
  4. Take steps to protect your current job. Check out the article Fifteen Commandments of Keeping Your Job. Show up on time, every time. Work hard. Be polite and respectful to your bosses, co-workers, and especially the customers. Don't complain or be that problem employee. Don't give your employer an actual reason to fire you.
  5. Learn new skills. Take some classes at a local community college. Take a marketing and/or public relations class (surprisingly useful to most jobs/careers). Learn to sell (read the book SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham - considered a business classic). Brush up on your computer skills. Learn bookkeeping/accounting. Learn Spanish for the workplace. The more you know, the more employable you will be.
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