Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Survival Advice: Avoid Trouble

By Tim Gamble

Avoid trouble, especially after the trouble starts. What I mean by this is don't go looking for trouble. Don't join in the riots or looting. Don't even go watch out of curiosity. Don't try to hunt down criminals. Don't "cowboy up" and start patrolling* the streets during a riot (you'll be outnumbered and out gunned). If at all possible, avoid entirely the areas experiencing trouble. Hide, keep quiet, and stay invisible. Be prepared to use self-defense, of course, but remember self-defense is a last resort. Avoiding the trouble in the first place is always your best and safest option.

* Many prepper families/groups have plans to patrol and protect their property or neighborhood. This is okay, especially if you have well thought-out plans AND have trained to those plans. This is a form of self-defense - protecting your people and property when the bad guys come to you. What I am strongly advising against is going outside your normal area, actively seeking out trouble. 

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