Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Italy - Olive harvest threatened by deadly bacteria, millions of trees killed

By Tim Gamble

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Our food infrastructure and supply remains under pressure. This time it is the olive crop in Italy, which as been attacked by a deadly bacteria, Xylella fastidiosa. The bacteria was apparently first introduced into Italy in 2008 from coffee plants imported from Costa Rica. The disease has been slowly spreading ever since, and has killed an estimated 21 million olive trees so far. Of course, "climate change" is being blamed by many.  

Xylella fastidiosa is spread by insects, which can quickly carry the disease from field to field. Trees infected with Xylella fastidiosa cannot circulate water, in essence dying of thirst.

Eradication programs have meet with only limited success in dealing with the disease. Italy's olive crop is expected to be down this year by a full third from its highs only a decade or so ago.

Please understand that I am NOT saying that store shelves are going to go empty next week because of this. When reading bad reports such as this one, some folks seem to expect the worst almost immediately, then when it doesn't happen they dismiss it as a conspiracy theory or just more doom-and-gloom. What I am pointing out is the SLOW but steady destruction of our agricultural infrastructure and food supply. Prepare now. We do have time. But not forever. 
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