Saturday, June 17, 2023

Another 25 Survival Tips! (+ An Announcement)

By Tim Gamble

Beginning Monday, June 19, I will be publishing a new #SurvivalTip almost daily to my social media accounts: Gab (@TimGamble), Twitter (@TimGambleSpeaks), and TruthSocial (@TimGambleSpeaks). Follow me there to get a daily dose of survival!

You can find Survival Tips 1 - 75 on the new #SurvivalTips page on Dystopian Survival. I will adding the new daily tips to that list from time to time. 

#SurvivalTip 51 - Prepping on the cheap? Find a salvage store in your area. These are GREAT places to find deals on useful tools and supplies.  

#SurvivalTip 52 - Prepping on the cheap? Thrift shops & second-hand stores are worth visiting frequently. You never know what you might find...  

#SurvivalTip 53 - Prepping on the cheap? Flea markets and yard sales can be an inexpensive of source useful tools, books, and other supplies and gear at a very low cost.  

#SurvivalTip 54 - Prepping on the cheap? Classified ads, Craig's List, Free Cycle, and the like, are good places to hunt bargains. Just be careful when meeting people. 

#SurvivalTip 55 - Turn off power for 3-day weekend and see how your family does. You may find areas you need to work on in your prepping.  

#SurvivalTip 56 - If the power goes out, you won't be able to distract young kids with TV, DVDs or video games. Have coloring books, board games, and other "no power required" means of entertainment.  

#SurvivalTip 57 - Need to save money for preps? Skip the expensive vacation. Instead, stay home. Visit local museums. Picnic at a local park. Have a cook-out. Go fishing at a local lake. Camp out in the backyard.

#SurvivalTip 58 - A Boy Scout Handbook is good resource, but their lesser-known Fieldbook is a goldmine of useful survivalist information. Get one.  

#SurvivalTip 59 - Get a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution. Read it. Seriously, read it. How you ever read the Constitution? 

#SurvivalTip 60 - Consider moving to a cash-only basis whenever possible. You'll save money and be less likely a victim of identity theft.  

#SurvivalTip 61 - Going cash-only will make it harder for government and corporations to keep tabs on your behavior. 

#SurvivalTip 62 - Live frugally. Simplify. Spend less. Use freebies, such as libraries and parks, for entertainment. Reuse, repair, repurpose, or do without.  

#SurvivalTip 63 - Don't eat out, It is much cheaper to make your food at home and take it with you. 

#SurvivalTip 64 - Buy in bulk as much as you can, but watch the prices. The big club stores typically sell name-brands in bulk at great prices, but generic and off brands often still cost less than brand names in bulk.

#SurvivalTip 65 - Our healthcare system is expensive and screwed up, getting worse. So, don't get sick. Take care of your health.  

#SurvivalTip 66 - Take care of your health: Stop smoking. Don't abuse drugs or alcohol. Get enough sleep. Lose weight. Be active. Get into shape. Eat healthy. Manage your stress. Practice good hygiene.  

#SurvivalTip 67 - When treating water with bleach, be sure to use plain bleach, not scented.  

#SurvivalTip 68 - Get several hand can-openers. Good ones. You might not have power to run the electric one.  

#SurvivalTip 69 - Learn how to sharpen a knife.  

#SurvivalTip 70 - Have some foods you can eat straight from the can or wrapper, without cooking. Power outages, and for when you don't want the attention of a fire, smoke, and smell.  

#SurvivalTip 71 - Hurricane Katrina taught the importance of dry clothes, shoes and blankets, safe drinking water, and having a means of protection.  

#SurvivalTip 72 - Hurricane Katrina taught the importance of STAYING OUT OF THE FEMA CAMPS. Relying on government to help you is NEVER a good plan. 

#SurvivalTip 73 - Seriously, get healthy and get into shape. Do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal. This is your most important preparedness goal.

#SurvivalTip 74 - Clothes and shoes will wear out quickly. Stockpile extras. Forget the prepper fantasy of the Big Box stores being your personal closet after SHTF. They will all have been looted or burned in the early days of the disaster. 

#SurvivalTip 75 - If you can afford it, consider body armor. Things are bad now, but could get really nasty in a prolonged collapse.  

Ad: 4-Way Silcock Key (aka Water Key) - Opens those recessed water spigots without handles that are on commercial buildings, and at parks and golf courses. Get access to water in an emergency that you otherwise wouldn't be able to get. Good for the bug-out and get home bags. 

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