Monday, June 26, 2023

Dystopian Survival Situations And Skills

By Tim Gamble 

You may have noticed that Dystopian Survival is not your typical prepper or homesteading website. That is because it is not about prepping or homesteading. It is about survival. Not surviving the fantasy of a week alone and naked in the wilderness, but rather surviving the reality of life in a dystopian world. 

Sure, some of my articles are about typical prepper stuff - having a bug out plan, stockpiling food and other supplies, and raising some of your own food. But I'll probably never write an article on how to survive a bear attack while wearing no clothes. Why? Because statistically for most of us it is highly unlikely that we will be attacked by a bear while we are running around butt-naked in the woods. There are much more realistic dangers that many of us do  face as we try to survive our modern, dystopian world. 

So, what is Dystopian Survival about? What are these dystopian survival situations I claim are more common than a bear attack? What skills do we realistically need to survive the actual, real, hardships in our future?

A Few Potential Dystopian Survival Situations: 
  • Direct Loss of Freedoms & Privacy (though legislation such as "hate speech," "red flag," and "climate change" laws, as well as regulations against "misinformation" or forcing "diversity and equity" as defined by ?)
  • Indirect Loss of Freedoms & Privacy (through political correctness, "wokeness", corporate ESG, Big Tech censorship & data mining, etc.)
  • Continued (and intentional) breakdown of traditional institutions and concepts, such as the family, the church, gender roles, etc.) 
  • The (Intentional) Breakdown of Infrastructure, particularly relating to food, energy, and the supply chain
  • Recession, Job Loss, High Inflation, and Economic Turmoil
  • Workforce Displacement via High Tech, AI, Robotics, etc.
  • Political Turmoil & Police State Actions  
  • Surveillance State Technology
  • Technocracy and Smart Cities
  • The Looming Digital Economy
  • Social Credit Scores
  • Medical Passports and 15-Minute Cities
  • Civil Unrest, including Riots & Looting
  • Identity Theft 
  • Cyber Threats 
  • Violent Crime 
  • Active Shooter Situations 
  • Terrorism 
  • Epidemics & Pandemics 
Knowing how to build an emergency shelter or start a fire in the rain probably won't do you much good in most of those scenarios. Not that there is anything wrong with those skills. They are useful and are worth learning. But there are many other skills that you should also learn in order to survive dystopia.

Dystopian Survival Skills

Dystopian survival starts with a) awareness of potential problems and b) developing self-relianceBuilding on the foundation of awareness and self-reliance, there are many useful skills for surviving dystopia, including:
  • Situational Awareness & the OODA Loop 
  • Attitude and Skills of Self-Reliance 
  • Non-Violent Resistance
  • Organized Resistance should the need/time ever come
  • Self-Defense and Home-Defense Skills (much more than just guns & ammo) 
  • Operational Security/Privacy Protection 
  • Dealing with an Intrusive Government 
  • Dealing with Busybody Neighbors, Landlords, etc. 
  • Local Knowledge (knowing your area) 
  • Being the Gray Man (fitting in and going unnoticed) 
  • Making yourself an unappealing target for bad guys (know how to not look like a victim) 
  • Mobility (the ability to pull up roots and move away from threats and towards opportunities)
  • Money Management & Personal Finance Skills 
  • Computer and Technology Skills (using technology to your benefit, while knowing and protecting yourself from the risks)
  • Knowing what to do in an active shooter situation 
  • Knowing what to do if you get caught in a civil unrest or riot situation 
  • Health & Fitness (you do not want to be dependent on the government public healthcare system)
  • Stealth/Alternative Medicine (you do not want to be dependent on the government public healthcare system) 
  • First Aid (including dealing with gunshot wounds and other severe trauma) 
  • Basic Auto Repair, Home Repair, and DIY Skills
  • General Employability and Hard Work
  • Employability in an era of High Tech and Artificial Intelligence
This list is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg of needed skills. If you have suggestions for other needed skills, just put them in the comments section below.

I've actually already written many articles on these topics. Over 430 articles on this website alone, with many more to come. Thank you for making this website a success! 

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