Thursday, June 15, 2023

25 Survival Tips!

By Tim Gamble

Back before I was cancelled by Big Tech during the 2020 election cycle, I posted a daily #SurvivalTip to my social media. I had close to 400 tips posted before I lost my accounts. Some were simple reminders. Others were more substantive.  Luckily, I had saved many of those tips on my hard drive. I thought I would start reposting them, along with all new survival tips. Here is the first batch:

#SurvivalTip 1 – The single most important thing you can do to survive any future chaos is to start taking responsibility for your own life now. This is self-reliance. 

#SurvivalTip 2 – Survival starts with your physical body. Make taking care of your health and fitness a top daily priority. 
#SurvivalTip 3 – Keep your vehicles gassed up. Never let them drop below ½ tank. I try to keep mine at around 3/4 tank.

#SurvivalTip 4 – Carry a lot of EDC gear? Be sure to empty all your pockets before adding to the wash. 
#SurvivalTip 5 – Deal now with any dental issues you have, so you don't have to during an emergency.  

#SurvivalTip 6 – Invest in a good road atlas & maps of your area(s). GPS & Google Maps may not work in an emergency. 
#SurvivalTip 7 – Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands before eating or preparing food, after using the restroom, after handling money or using a shared phone, and after contact with the sick.  

#SurvivalTip 8 – Remember to include toothpaste, brushes & dental floss in your bugout kits and long-term supplies.  

#SurvivalTip 9 – In cooler weather, keep a spare jacket, gloves, and toboggan in your vehicle (consider a blanket, too).  

#SurvivalTip 10 – Having extra cash (on you, in your BOB, and hidden at home) is a good idea. ATMs may be down. 
#SurvivalTip 11 – Keep some quarters in your car: parking meters, air for tires, drink/snack machines, a buggy at ALDI's, change at the drive-thru, etc. There are even a few (rare) pay phones still around.   

#SurvivalTip 12 – Keep your vehicle in good repair. Don't bug-out with bad brakes or faulty transmission.  

#SurvivalTip 13 – Mental attitude is key – build good relationships (family, friends, neighbors, God...).  

#SurvivalTip 14 – Deal with any addictions or mental health issues now, before SHTF.

#SurvivalTip 15 – Have multiple plans. Unexpected events often force us to alter/abandon even the best laid plans. 
#SurvivalTip 16 – Stop smoking. It saps your health and finances, and you don't want to face withdrawal during a crisis.  

#SurvivalTip 17 – Don't try to be Rambo or Wyatt Earp during a crisis. Chances are you'll only get yourself and family killed. Avoid trouble if possible.

#SurvivalTip 18 – Guns and ammo are important preps – and fun – but survival will entail more than just guns and ammo.  

#SurvivalTip 19 – Home school your kids or send them to a good private school that you keep a close eye on. All public schools are Marxist indoctrination centers, and dangerous too. 

#SurvivalTip 20 – Dealing with debt? Check out Dave Ramsey's books, website, and radio show.  Just search "Dave Ramsey" in your search engine of choice. 

#SurvivalTip 21 – With shoes and clothes, forget fashion and impressing others. Go instead for utility and durability.  

#SurvivalTip 22 – Even if you don't need them on a daily basis, a good pair of work boots are a necessity.  (Steel-toed offer more protection - you decide.) 

#SurvivalTip 23 – When acquiring tools and other gear, quality is more important than quantity.  

#SurvivalTip 24 – New to prepping? Concentrate first on acquiring a few weeks worth of food and water, as well as basic first aid and hygiene supplies.  

#SurvivalTip 25 – New to prepping? For your first new skill to acquire, I suggest a good first aid/CPR course.  

*** You can once again find Tim Gamble on social media! Follow at Gab (@TimGamble), Twitter (@TimGambleSpeaks), and TruthSocial (@TimGambleSpeaks)


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