Tuesday, August 29, 2023

American Civil Defense Association

By Tim Gamble 

In the course of my research on Civil Defense, I became aware of a private non-profit organization, the American Civil Defense Association (TACDA). It has been around since 1962, and was founded by "several doctors and professors from the University of Florida, including a Nobel Prize winner (Eugene Wigner) that recognized our country’s continued need for civil defense and the importance of personal emergency and disaster preparedness," according to its website.

The American Civil Defense Association describes its mission this way:
"The mission of The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA) is to provide education, products and resources that empower American Citizens with a comprehensive understanding of reasonable preparedness strategies and techniques; promoting a self-reliant, pro-active approach to protecting themselves, their families and their communities in the event of nuclear, biological, chemical or other manmade and natural disasters." --TACDA Mission Statement
Among other things, the American Civil Defense Association provides training through its TACDA Academy, publishes the Journal of Civil Defense, and sells a variety of survival kits, dosimeters, Potassium Iodate (KIO3) anti radiation tablets, and other emergency supplies. 

Their website, https://tacda.org/, also contains a wide variety of information and links to resources on Civil Defense related topics. TACDA is definitely worth checking out. 

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