Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Civil Defense in the United States (Propaganda and Misinformation)

By Tim Gamble 

Civil Defense isn't just about surviving nuclear bombs or defending against invasions from foreign armies. It is also about defending against manipulation of public opinion, interference in elections, and undue influence over government officials, business leaders, and others in positions of power and authority. 

During WW2 and immediately after, the enemy of concern was Fascism. During the Cold War with the old Soviet Union, the enemy was Communism. Today, I would suggest our real enemies are the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as well as the Power Elites of Western Civilization (see my 2022 article Technocracy, The Power Elite, and the Transformation of Human Civilization). This means our enemies today are both foreign and domestic. 

We are living in an information age, and information warfare is being waged against We the People. Control of information, control of "the narrative", and even control of the language are the goals of our enemies. Their tools include political correctness, wokeness, "hate speech" laws and policies, cancel culture, misinformation, disinformation, fake news, false flag events, and outright propaganda, as well as mass manipulation of the population through Learned Helplessness (see Resistance article R-22) and various means of induced mass psychosis. 

The answer to this manipulation by misinformation and propaganda begins with awareness of it, and developing the skills to identify and resist it. The government of Sweden acknowledged this in their Prepare For War booklet, which contains a section on identifying false information and hostile propaganda. 

Sadly, the United States government has adopted an unhelpful stance on propaganda and false information, which basically is "shut up and blindly follow the government and our approved experts." Remember, we are never to question government-approved science, as Dr. Fauci and a host of other government leaders have repeatedly told us over the last few years. 

But the good news is the US government did, a long time ago, consider it important for We the People to be able to identify and resist false information and hostile propaganda. Here are a couple of Civil Defense films from that era. Watch them and apply the appropriate lessons to your life today. 

(Yes, these films themselves are examples of propaganda. But as they point out, not all propaganda is automatically bad or hostile. As Pastor Joe Fox often says, "Chew the meat, and spit out the bones.")

PROPAGANDA - They Showed This To High School Kids In 1948!

Don't Be a Sucker! - Post-WW2 Anti-Fascist Educational Film

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Cresson H. Kearny's Nuclear War Survival Skills is available on Amazon. This is the highly-recommended classic nuclear war survival guide commissioned by the US government. The paperback of the 1987 edition is available on Amazon for just $10.39 at the moment. There are newer, and more expensive, editions available at that same link. Folks, in my opinion it doesn't matter what edition you get, as the physics of nuclear war haven't changed, and the information originally  presented by Kearny is not "out of date." Choose whichever edition you are comfortable with.

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