Friday, August 4, 2023

Four Keys To Surviving Dystopia

By Tim Gamble 

Dystopian Survival is not your typical prepper or homesteading website. It is about survival. Not surviving the fantasy of a week alone and naked in the wilderness, but rather surviving the long-term reality of life in a dystopian world marked by tyrannical governments and powerful corporations.  A world ruled over by an Elite class of the ultra-wealthy, privileged few. A world where those not of the Elite class are little more than slaves of the State and mega-corporations, without any real freedoms, privacy, or hope. 

How do we survive Dystopia? Here are four keys to our survival:
  1. Detach.
  2. Simplify.
  3. Localize.
  4. Tribalize.
1) Detach.  Detach from the System as much as possible. Our current worldly system was created by the Elites, for the Elites. The deck is stacked against the common man to an impossible extent. The only way to beat the system is to leave the system. So, leave it. To the extent you can, get out of...
  • the cities and mega-suburbs
  • the doomed financial system
  • the public school system
  • the corporate news media
  • the liberal/progressive churches
  • the pop culture and corporate entertainment system
  • the failing healthcare system
  • the attitude of victimhood and dependency that is being intentionally fostered
See my articles:
2) Simplify. Simplify your life as much as possible. Be a producer, not a consumer. The less you need, the better off you will be. The less cluttered your life, the better off you will be. Know your true priorities, and stick to them.

3) Localize. The more localized your life is, the more control over it you have, and the less control they have. I've previously called for "a return to the old paths of self-reliance and local economies built around agrarian communities." For ideas, see my articles:

4) Tribalize.  Like it or not, we all need other people. No one individual, or even one family, can go it alone for the long-term. You will need other people at some point. The "lone wolf" prepper fantasy is just that - a fantasy. Work hard on finding or building a community of like-minded folks whom you can trust. I know it is hard to trust other people, particularly in today's world. Caution is a good thing. Just don't let your caution become full-blown paranoia. 

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