Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Is the world actually getting safer?

By Tim Gamble

For a while there, things were looking quite bleak. Major wars in Europe (Russia-Ukraine) and the Middle East (Israel-Hamas) looked ready to expand into world wars. In Asia, China seemed about ready to jump on Taiwan, almost guaranteeing a world war, and doing MAJOR disruptions to the world's supply chains. The US dollar was falling fast. People were worried about sleeper cells in the USA (just not me). An invasion of illegal aliens were pouring in our southern border, intentionally facilitated by the Biden administration and democrat leaders everywhere. The list of problems was seemingly endless.

Now, suddenly, things seem to have shifted for the better and safer. News is breaking of a potential truce and hostage release between Israel and Hamas. Iran never jumped into the conflict, and doesn't really seem interested in doing so (probably because of the multiple carrier groups the USA parked in the region). The War Hawks in Europe and in DC are suddenly singing a different tune on Ukraine, now saying the war must end soon even if it means Ukraine losing some territories to Russia (no more "win at all costs, no matter what"). China hasn't jumped Taiwan, and seems less likely to do so (economic problems, lack of political will, and possible lack of military capabilities). The US dollar is actually rebounding. And the border invasion... Well, that one is still happening.

So what does this mean? Actually, nothing. The world is still a very dangerous place. Any of these conflicts could still ignite into a larger war (accidently or on-purpose). China could still decide to take Taiwan (look to late-January to mid-March as the next likely window, for reasons dealing with Naval conditions in the region). The US dollar will likely dip again at some point (huge deficits and other problems remain). And with the ongoing invasion of illegals, expect crime and other associated problems to continue to increase. And with 2024 being an election year, expect tyranny to only ramp up as the powers-that-be try to once again dictate the outcome. 

Preparedness is hard work, and no one wants to be emotionally on-edge all the time. Whenever something expected doesn't happen, people use it as an excuse to stop prepping; to fall back normalcy bias. Don't. Now is not the time to panic, but it is also not the time to go back to sleep. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Continue working your plan. Continue building a self-reliant lifestyle for yourself and your family. True preparedness is a lifestyle, not a one-time event. 

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