Thursday, November 2, 2023

ALERT: FDA Issues Major Warning on 27 Eye Drops Products

By Tim Gamble

I have retinopathy and use a lot of eye drops, so this warning is of great concern to me. If you use eye drops, please take this seriously. 

The FDA is warning consumers not to purchase and to immediately stop using a total of 27 over-the-counter eye drop products due to the potential risk of eye infections that could result in partial vision loss or blindness. Patients who have signs or symptoms of an eye infection after using these products should talk to their health care provider or seek medical care immediately. 

FDA investigators found insanitary conditions in the manufacturing facility for these products and positive bacterial test results from environmental sampling of critical drug production areas in the facility. The FDA has not yet received any adverse event reports of eye infection associated with these products, but still considers these products to be dangerous.

These products are marketed under the following brands:
  • CVS Health
  • Leader (Cardinal Health)
  • Rugby (Cardinal Health)
  • Rite Aid
  • Target Up & Up
  • Velocity Pharma
  • Walmart Equate
The full list is available on the FDA website (click here).

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  1. What are the chances that every single one of those eye drops brands are "Made In China"?? I'll go with 95%. You give 5% to dumb luck.


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