Friday, November 3, 2023

Practical, Useful Shoes

By Tim Gamble

Want to improve your EDC? Stocking up on supplies before SHTF? Don't forget about your feet! Yes, you need shoes!!!

Not just shoes, but practical, useful shoes. Shoes you can walk in, run in, climb in, and that will protect your feet. So, not high heels, sandals, clogs, or flip flops. Not even wingtips. Sure, you may need these type shoes for work or fun, but even then you should always have a pair of more practical shoes with you for when you need them. Perhaps keep them in your car? Or a spare pair at work? I'm lucky enough to not have to dress up for work, so my everyday shoes are hiking shoes, which are a great compromise between athletic shoes and work boots. Of course, I also have work boots for when I need them.

With most shoes being made overseas these days, shoes and boots are especially vulnerable to supply chain issues and continued inflation. Make sure you have plenty for you and your family!

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