Sunday, November 19, 2023

They are coming for your chickens... and it starts with registration!

By Tim Gamble

Zac at An American Homestead just posted an extremely interesting video I am recommending people watch: Confiscation In Tennessee Happening Now! - PROOF (click title to watch the video on YouTube). He's talking chickens, but the tactics used (required registration for a fake permit - see video for a full explanation) can be applied to anything else they want to control, from your guns to your gold & silver. As Zac says, registration ALWAYS leads to confiscation. 

Register your family's vaccine status? Register your rain-water collection? Register your garden? Actually, the USDA wants you to register your backyard garden (you can registrar it on the USDA website by clicking here, but please don't). Don't worry. It is not required. Yet. 

Always think twice before registering whatever the government wants you to register. It is always about control, including eventual confiscation if they disapprove of it.  

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