Monday, December 4, 2023

20 Years!!!

By Tim Gamble

The year is 2003. The month is December. Twenty years ago. 

The importance of that date? I wrote my very first prepper-related article, posted to a blogging platform that no longer exists. 

Twenty years writing on issues related to preparedness, survival, homesteading, politics, economics, and current affairs. It has been an interesting ride, to say the least.

Since that very first article on my very first blog, I've written at least 2,000 articles (probably a lot more), published to 3 blogs and 2 websites. I was also the owner / moderator of the very successful Yahoo Group, Surviving the End, for those who remember that group. 

Well over 1,000 of those articles are still available on and 

More articles will appear on both of those websites, as I have to plans to "retire" from the Internet anytime soon. Please join me for what the future holds in store. 

Join the email list by clicking here (news, politics, resistance). 

Join the email list by clicking here (preparedness, modern survival, self-reliance).
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