Friday, December 29, 2023

Cool Gear That May Actually Help You Survive Dystopia

By Tim Gamble

Before I list the cool gear that may actually help you survive the emerging dystopia, let me just say this: Your most important tools to help you survive any future chaos are 1) your health and fitness, 2) your mental attitude, and 3) your knowledge, skills, and abilities. You should constantly be working on these tools. 

Having said that, this is a time of year some folks find themselves with a little extra money, in the form of year-end bonuses, gift cards, and that $20 cash that Grandma gives you every Christmas. Time to buy some cool gear! Let's face it, most cool gear ends up being neat but useless junk. So, what cool gear can you get that may actually be useful? Here are some ideas:

A) A Good Multi-Tool - I've carried one of these (a Leatherman model that is no longer made) on my belt everyday since 2008. It gets used a lot. The pliers are especially useful. Avoid the el cheapo $10 pairs you can get at Wally Worldly and actually get a high quality one, such as a Leatherman or a Victorinox. Both are available on Amazon

B) A Good Pocket Knife - Extremely useful for 101 reasons, from opening Amazon packages to cutting cordage. Again, it is worth paying a little extra to get a good one. My main EDC pocket knife is a Cold Steel Finn Wolf. Many good pocket knives are available on Amazon

C) A Quality Pocket Flashlight - The ability to see is very important, but most of us have a problem seeing well in the dark. A pocket flashlight helps with this. Find one on Amazon

D) Personal Water Filter - Clean water is a necessity, and personal water filters help provide clean water. There are a lot of good ones available on Amazon

E) Family Water Filter - Like the personal water filters, but designed to handle larger quantities of water. Lots of good ones available on Amazon

F) A Water Bob - Sensing a theme? Water is extremely important. Water Bobs are designed to hold a bath tub worth of water (about 100 gallons) in an emergency. I have this one. Just fill it up when you get word of an approaching hurricane or winter storm, or whenever you think you might need it.. Water Bobs are available on Amazon.

G) Aqua-Tainers -  Sensing a theme (again)? Water is extremely important. Those 5-gallon water storage containers you get in the Wally World camping section eventually leak 100% of the time and will ruin your floors. Ask me how I know. Instead, get Aqua-Tainers. Much better quality, in my experience. Available on Amazon

H) A High-Quality First Aid Kit - Helps keep blood in the body and breath in the lungs during life's emergencies. Very important. This website is affiliated with Refuge Medical and Refuge Training. All Dystopians (that's you!) will automatically receive 10% off at checkout when visiting their store from links on this website. Their first aid kits and medical supplies are high-quality, made-in-America products (no cheap China junk) that are great for families, preppers, survivalists, hunters, hikers, campers, and all other living people. Remember, the discount will be applied at checkout if you use my links

I) An Emergency Radio - Knowing what's going on around you is key to survival. An emergency radio will help you stay informed even when the power is out. Available on Amazon

J) A Ka-Bar Knife - What could be cooler than a US Marine Corps Fighting Knife? Available on Amazon

K)  An Air Force Survival Knife - My personal favorite. This is a survival knife issued by both the US Army and US Air Force. Available on Amazon

Have a Happy New Year!

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