Friday, June 14, 2024

48 Hour Countdown - What will be my final preps?

By Tim Gamble

Here is a mental exercise that is popular among many in the prepper and survivalist communities: If you knew for certain that doomsday was coming in exactly 38 hours, what would be your final preps? Doesn't matter what doomsday it is - nuclear war, EMP burst, political collapse, economic collapse, zombie apocalypse, whatever... 

Here's what I will do during the last 48 hours:
  • Get all cash out of my bank accounts, and collect the contents of any safe-deposit boxes.
  • Refill any prescriptions for me and my family. Also get extra OTC meds and first aid supplies while I'm at the pharmacy. 
  • Make sure both my vehicles are fully gassed-up, and check oil, tire pressure, etc.
  • Make sure my extra gas storage is full (I keep 5-gallon gas cans safely stored on my property away from my house). I would buy additional cans/gas to add to this storage.
  • Purchase an extra  case or two of motor oil (future supplies may be limited).
  • (I don't use propane or heating oil, but if I did, I would make sure I had full tanks.)
  • Wash the laundry! (Power and/or water will be interrupted for awhile. Might as well get caught up on the washing while I still can.)
  • Make sure that my water storage is full and fresh. Would make some last minute extra purchases of 5-gallon water cans and/or several cases of bottled water to add to my water storage.
  • Make a quick check of my food storage, to see to if I'm running low on anything.
  • Go to local grocery stores, Walmarts, etc. and buy as much canned & dry foods as possible (including extra food for my dog), also cleaning supplies, unscented bleach, sanitation and hygiene supplies, matches, charcoal, etc.
  • Go to local stores that sell ammo (I've already made a list of all within 25 miles of my home) and buy as much as I can of the types I use.
  • Go by my local coin dealer and local pawn shops that sell silver coins (again, I've already made a list of silver dealers in my area), and buy as much junk silver as possible. 
  • If I have any cash left at this point, I would buy extra tools and spare parts (spark plugs, duct tape, etc.) that I may need.
  • Review with my family, and others as appropriate, our plans for security & safety, and when/how we will bug out if necessary.
(Of course, you should have already done as much as possible at this point, leaving you only needing to "top off" your current preps. Besides, if everyone is aware it is the last 48 hours, shopping will become difficult if not dangerous. Better to do what you can early, not waiting until the end.)

Bugging Out

I plan to "bug in" at my current location unless and until it becomes too dangerous to do so. Then, I have planned two options for bugging out. To make sure I'm ready for those options, if I need them, I will make sure my vehicles are full of gas, as well as check the tires and oil. I will also review my bug out plans, make sure I have the needed road maps, and even pre-pack my vehicles to the extent I can, so that when I'm forced to bug-out I can do so as quickly as possible.

If your "Plan A" is bugging out immediately, then do so as early on as you can to avoid the traffic jams and confusion of the last minute escape. Once you arrive at your bug-out location, you can continue with whatever last minute preps you can.

So, what will be your final preps?

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  1. Not a bad list. Not bad at all.

    Maybe add re-checking the number of magazines on hand for each firearm? Many gun owners will buy a pistol, lay it on the nightstand, and never think about the fact that having that one extra magazine the pistol came with could be very inadequate when times turn "sporty."

  2. brilliant! let me add just a little. you may be going off the roads, and if so, a pair of 6x8 or 8x10 planks 3' long could get you through.
    don't forget contingency plans if one or more of your group becomes a "casualty"(including wills).
    you WILL need to feed more mouths than you planned for.
    have a "giant prybar(hallagan)" for getting into things.
    if youDO BUGOUT, there's a BIG list of "tools" you'll need, get a rudimentary bagful of those together. great post, thank you!


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