Thursday, June 13, 2024

Disturbing Headlines and What They Mean To You

By Tim Gamble

There have been a number of disturbing headlines over the last few days regarding the Bird Flu (H5N1):
  • Another 36 house mice in New Mexico test positive for H5N1 bird flu (link to source)
  • H5N1 influenza outbreak in Texas dairy cattle sparks multi-species transmission concerns (link to source)
  • Toddler Infected With H5N1 - Second Human Case In India (link to source)
  • New bird flu developments have experts worried about the virus (link to source)
  • Lack of Bird Flu Tests Could Hide Pandemic Warning Signs (link to source)
  • Australia locks down farms as avian influenza spreads (link to source)

The ongoing Bird Flu outbreaks have resulted in tens of millions of poultry being killed worldwide in an effort to stop the spread. This is already leading to higher prices for eggs and poultry meat in some areas of the US, and even limits on purchases at stores in some parts of Australia. Expect prices to continue to rise, and supplies to shrink, for the foreseeable future.

This current H5N1 outbreaks appears to be easily crossing species lines (cows, mice, and even a few humans), causing experts and authorities to grow increasingly concerned. We need to be concerned about the response of these experts and authorities, considering how badly they mishandled the Covid pandemic. 

The experts and authorities proved extremely willing to overinflate numbers, cause fear, limit freedoms, institute mandates, lockdown economies, and cause a rise in mental illnesses and suicide, all to try (unsuccessfully) to stop something that ultimately was no worse than then the flu (yes, some people died from covid, but some people also die every year from the flu). Read the last three headlines from the above list. It appears that the experts and authorities learned nothing from their mishandling of Covid, and are starting to call for the same type of response to H5N1. 

Also expect various activists to use this current outbreak to push for more restrictions of backyard and hobbyist flocks of chickens and other poultry, and to push for wider adoption of fake meats, insects-as-food, and bioengineered food alternatives. 

This is all a part of a wider agenda. 
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