Monday, June 17, 2024

Survival in a Highly-Centralized, Woke, Socialist/Fascist Police State

By Tim Gamble 

Much preparedness and survival advice is great for surviving a week-long snowstorm or overnight lost in the wilderness. But what about surviving an extended period of tyrannical government? What about surviving a dystopian police state? More and more it is looking like we are going to have to survive attacks from our own government rather than attacks from a bear. 

Potential Challenges Presented By A Tyrannical Government

* Loss of Privacy.
* Loss of Freedom of Speech.
* Loss of Freedom of Religion.
* Loss of Freedom of the Press.
* Loss of Free Assembly.
* Loss of Freedom of Movement.
* Loss of Self-Defense Rights.
* Loss of Due Process.
* Loss of Parental Rights.
* Banning of Home Schooling.
* Removal of children from your home.
* Loss of the right to make medical decisions for yourself and your children.
* Confiscation of land, firearms, knives, cash, gold & silver, personal property, or even your stored food, water, and other supplies.
* Banning of homesteading, backyard gardens, and backyard chickens.
* Being forced into a cashless, 100% digital currency tracked and controlled by government. 
* Being forced into so-called "Smart Cities" and "15-Minute Cities."
* Economic and supply-chain problems created intentionally or through bad policies.
* Political and social unrest.  

Survival in a Highly-Centralized, Woke, Socialist/Fascist Police State

1) Prioritize your safety and the protection of your rights, as well as your privacy and digital security.  
2) Educate yourself about your rights and the laws in your area. (Read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights and the other amendments. A good pocket-sized copy of these documents can be found on Amazon.)
3) Educate yourself about the types of surveillance being used and how they might affect you. (My article Understanding Technocracy For Preppers (Why You Should Be Very Worried) is a good starting point.) 
4) Stay informed about current events and government policies that may affect your daily life. 
5) Practice good security hygiene, such as using strong passwords,  and regularly updating your devices and software. Consider using secure communication tools, such as encrypted messaging apps and VPNs, to protect your online activities. 
6) Be cautious when interacting with law enforcement and other government agencies, and always remain polite and cooperative. Keep good notes of all interactions. 
7) Avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself (gray man) and be aware of your surroundings (situational awareness) at all times. 
8) Establish a support network of trusted individuals, and consider joining or forming a community of like-minded people who share your concerns. 
10) Maintain a low profile, be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances, and be willing to make difficult decisions.
11) Be prepared to defend yourself and your family/tribe if necessary. 
12) Develop a diverse set of skills, such as self-defense, first aid, and survival skills like gardening, foraging, hunting, and water purification. 

Remember, the key to survival in a police state is to stay informed, vigilant, and cautious at all times.

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