Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Handcuff Keys and Lock Picks

By Tim Gamble

Have you considered adding handcuff keys and lock picks to your survival gear? 

Check your state and local laws, but surprisingly in most places these are legal for civilians to possess. 

Handcuff Keys (available on Amazon) - Why would you want to have access to handcuff keys if you are a law abiding person? It's not just good cops that have access to handcuffs, but lots of people, good and bad. Having access to handcuff keys might come in handy some day. It is, of course, illegal to hide them from law enforcement for the purpose of escaping police custody, so if you ever get legitimately arrested, immediately let the officer know you have one on you.

Consider keeping a universal handcuff key in your bug-out bag or even an EDC kit. Keep a spare one at home. You can also get "hidden" handcuff keys in survival bracelets, zipper pulls, and so forth. Again, check the laws in your specific area of operation.

Lock Picks (available on Amazon) - If you know how to use them, lock picks could also come in quite handy at times for various purposes. If you don't know how to use them, they won't do you any good, so learn how before you need them. It could be a useful skill to develop. 

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