Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Community For Preppers

By Tim Gamble

Community. So many of us - preppers, survivalists, conservatives, Christians - want it. But few of us seem to find it. Fewer still seem able to build it. Yet, we feel its call. Humans are social creatures by nature. We want to be with others. We also feel on a gut level that we will need others if we are to survive the threats and hardships that are coming our way. Because of this, community is a hot topic of discussion. How do we find it? How do we create it? How do we do it?

I've written many articles on different aspects of community, and have several more planned in the coming months. Until those come out, here is a quick index of my earlier articles:

Why Survival Requires Community

Why Preppers Have a Hard Time Building Community

Building Community in Your Neighborhood

Urban Survival: Networking and Building Community

Building Community - Evaluating Potential Members

Building Community? Warning Signs of People to Avoid

How To Be a Survival Group Leader


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