Thursday, January 19, 2023

Debt Ceiling? Government shutdown? -- DON"T PANIC!

By Tim Gamble

Folks, just a quick one today encouraging people not to panic over the debt ceiling news. Just remember that we go through this every few years, and we always survive. We will survive this time, too. Despite the alarmist headlines, over-the-top rhetoric, and the photo-ops of "closed" national monuments, we always survive. All this happened before, and will happen again. Don't worry, and certainly don't panic.

What will happen? Much like previous debt-ceiling battles, politicians will expend a lot of hot-air. News media (and prepper channels) will post a lot of click-bait headlines. We may have a (partial) government shut-down for a few days or even a couple of weeks. Or not. Eventually, the debt-limit will be raised, with perhaps a few token spending cuts so politicians can claim they actually did something. Life will move on.

We are already in a recession, so this won't be the cause of it. Nor will it make it worse (its already probably going to be fairly severe). The dollar may collapse one day, but this won't be the cause of it.

Don't panic. Just keep working your preparedness plans. And enjoy the weekend. 

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