Friday, January 20, 2023

What's Next?

By Tim Gamble

What's next? What will the Elites try next in their attempt to control mankind and recreate the world to their benefit. I've been talking a lot about this subject on social media lately. Here are my thoughts:

Call it global warming, climate change, or whatever, but the so-called "climate crisis" isn't a crisis. It is merely propaganda (that is why you are not supposed to question it) meant to instill fear and make you (the general public) more controllable.

Ultimately, "climate crisis" wasn't generating enough fear. Most people weren't becoming controllable enough, therefore the Elites tried a new tactic, called "Covid 19" (again, notice that you aren't supposed to question it, meaning it is propaganda). This tactic did generate a lot more fear, allowing for global lockdowns, school and church closings, forced masking, and experimental vaccinations of the sheeple.  

It was good for a time, with the Elites gaining much control, but that fear is wearing off, except for some feeble-minded folks. More people are waking up everyday, and pushing back against the control measures by the Elites. Now the question is, what will be the next control tactic?

Maybe a massive food shortage  and worldwide famine? Notice the high food inflation, crop failures (blamed on "climate crisis"), killing off of chickens and turkeys due to "bird flu crisis" (which you are also not supposed to question), anti-farming policies, fertilizer shortages, Bill Gates and the CCP buying up massive amounts of farmland, et. al.

Or maybe another pandemic, this one perhaps specifically targeting our children? Notice the recent shortages of children's cold & flu medicines, fever reducers, etc., as well as a healthcare crisis caused by a shortage of nurses and doctors. Notice how extremely eager they are to get young children (who are under no real threat from Covid) jabbed with the Covid vaccine with all its potential negative consequences to the immune system? 

Or maybe a worldwide economic meltdown and a collapse of the US dollar?

Or maybe something else entirely?

I don't know what's next. I have a gut-feeling it may be an "all the above" scenario. Whatever is next, we need to prepare. You need to prepare. So, ask yourself this weekend: What am I doing to prepare for what's next, whatever it may be? 

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  1. I think it is all of the above too Tim. Makes sense to overwhelm us as they put the hammer down.


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