Monday, January 23, 2023

My Survival Gurus

By Tim Gamble

Who are my Survival Gurus? Who do I follow and listen to when it comes to survival (and life)? Its actually a short list:

MainePrepper - MainePrepper taught me much through his YouTube videos. A Master Sargent in the military, MainePrepper did videos on everything from basic preparedness, to diet and exercise, to guns and riflemanship, to tracking/countertracking, to leadership, et. al. Although he stopped making videos and took down his YouTube channel so he could focus on dealing with the results of injuries (received in Iraq if I remember correctly), you can still find many of his videos, as well as interviews others did with him, on YouTube. Just type in "MainePrepper" (one word) in YouTube search. 

Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness) - A Green Beret in his military career, PJ (for Pastor Joe) is now doing what he calls neo-pioneering and building a true community of like-minded folks in the Ozarks. Tons of great information on his channels (preparedness, homesteading, hard-core survival, religion, et. al.), and great stories from his military days. He has a book out, which I think is the best guide to beginner and intermediate preparedness and survival. Don't forget to check out his sermons, too! Links:

David Kobler (aka SouthernPrepper1) - Another career military man (Army Infantry), SP1 has been making YouTube videos for well over a decade now. I was watching his videos long before Doomsday Preppers (of which I've never seen a full episode), and have learned much from him. I especially like his videos on home & community defense, as well as his salvaging videos. Many folks new to prepping probably know him best for his "Boots on the Ground" reports on his YouTube channel. He also has a couple of books available on Amazon. Links:

TJ Morris (aka Bear Independent) - Founder and owner of Refuge Medical (high quality, American made first aid kits and medical supplies), Bear has quite the interesting life story (too long to go into here). Lots of great info on his YouTube and Patreon channels including basic preparedness, first aid, homesteading, community building, business insights, leadership, and even Bible reading and commentary. He is also the founder of Grindstone Ministries (disaster relief) and Kaleb House (a restoration facility for juvenile human trafficking survivors). Links:

I call these men my gurus, not my mentors, because I haven't met any of them in real life, although I have communicated to a couple of them over the internet. There are two things that all four men share in common that I highly respect. First, all four men are not just talking the talk, but are walking the walk. They have done, and are doing, the things, and doing them well. Second, all four are real men, Biblical men, who each take their relationship with the Creator seriously. These are men of The Book. 

There are, of course, other prepper, survival, and homesteading channels I like, but who don't quite make the "guru" cut. These four are the only ones I subscribe to on YouTube (and on Patreon in the cases of PJ and Bear). 

AD:  Augason Farms Long-Term Food Storage - This is where I get powdered butter, eggs, cheese, milk, and other long-term foods for my Survival Pantry. Shelf-life up to 20+ years. Good quality, good taste, good value. For my money (literally, since I am a paying customer), Augason Farms is the best long-term foods option. 

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