Monday, January 16, 2023

What is Dystopian Survival?

By Tim Gamble

What is Dystopian Survival? What makes Dystopian Survival different from other prepper channels? Here is the short answer:

1) The emphasis of Dystopian Survival is on long-term, generational, survival in a dystopian future caused by authoritarian governments, powerful corporations, and wealthy Elites, using highly advanced technology and informational warfare to rule over the common people.

2) Dystopian Survival goes well beyond traditional prepper topics to include building community, creating alternative systems, money management and personal finance, stealth and alternative medicine, privacy and online security, attitude and mental health, and a host of other topics that won't be solved by merely stockpiling and bushcraft. 

3) Building self-reliance as individuals, families/tribes, and communities is the key to Dystopian Survival.

4) Although we need to be aware on all levels - local, state, national, international - our main efforts need to be focused locally.   

5) There is an acknowledgment that the science and technologies that have so drastically changed modern life aren't going away, and we are not going back to some pre-industrial fantasy world. We should not be of this world, but we must learn to live within it. 

These things, and more, are what I mean by Dystopian Survival, and are the focus of this website. Please check out these articles for more on this concept:


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