Monday, January 9, 2023

Exhortation To Gardening

By Tim Gamble

On his YouTube channel, NWA Prepper recently did a video asking people what they are doing this winter to plan for their 2023 garden and/or other food-raising operations (video = NWA Prepper Challenge- Winter 2023). Here is my response that I posted in that video's comments section, followed by an exhortation for YOU to get busy planning and preparing for growing food this year. 
"I'm expanding my garden area again this year by about a third.  It already takes up about 1/2 my backyard + a small herb garden in the front yard. I'm using the lasagna-style (sheet mulch) method for the new area. Last year was disappointing for the garden, but in years past I've grown a large amount of my fresh foods on my less than 1/2 acre lot, so I know folks can grow lots of food without having acres and acres of land." -- Tim Gamble
Folks, please start gardening and producing at least some of your own food, if you haven't already. Even if all you can do is a few tomato and pepper plants in containers on your patio or balcony, and maybe some herbs on your window. Every little bit will help in today's world of high inflation, supply chain problems, government interference, and the real potential for wars, disease, and drought. 

In my comment to NWA Prepper, I said that I grow a lot of food on my less than 1/2 acre lot, so I know you don't need a lot of land to raise food. Even if you live in a city with only a tiny backyard, you can grow a small garden. Even if you live in an apartment or condo, you can grow veggies in containers on you patio or balcony. Even if your HOA doesn't allow any vegetable gardens or container gardens, you can still grow some herbs, micro-greens, and mushrooms indoors, as well as sprouting various beans and seeds (delicious in salads, soups, and sandwiches). Figure out what you can do, then do it! 

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  1. The HOA where I live is very particular about what can be seen from the street so I get around that by planting edible landscaping that thrives here is SW FL - katuk, moringa, surinam cherries, cocoplum, nasturiums, and chartreuse leaved sweet potatoes. In the back yard I have loquats, more moringa & katuk and Seminole pumpkin. On the lanai in containers, mainly Earthboxes I grow mainly leafy greens especially Asian, green onions, radishes. Using trellises with the Earthboxes I have red noodle beans and sugar snap peas that provide some privacy from neighbors. Don't forget sprouts in the house - my go to when July & August heat is too much for my veggies to survive. All the landscape plants survived Hurricane Ian altho stripped of all leaves and the loquat had a piece of shingle embedded in the trunk but now has fruit ripening.

    1. GREAT info, and should give folks dealing with HOAs several ideas of what they can actually do, too.


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